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The FastTrack Drainage Portal

Download Guidance Notes
and Submission Templates


If you’re new to FastTrack Drainage, please download the guidance notes and submission templates here before you start.

When you’re ready, submit your files here.

Your information will be shared with Atkins, who Scottish Water Horizons are working in partnership with to deliver FastTrack Drainage. Both Atkins and Scottish Water Horizons promise to never share your data with 3rd parties and will only use your data for the purposes to which you have agreed.

Once you upload your design and application via our portal, you’ll receive an email advising you that either it has passed pre-flight checks, or that we need more information.

Once your submission gets the go ahead, we’ll send you a document that confirms how to make payment (customer T&C’s).

Once payment is requested, you’ll have 30 days to respond. If we don’t receive payment in this time you will need to resubmit your designs and application through the portal.

When payment is received, your submission will go through the FastTrack Drainage process, providing validation in line with Sewers for Scotland. We’ll email to let you know when your designs are validated.

If you have any questions drop us an email at developerenquiries@scottishwaterhorizons.co.uk.